#40 FREE 30 Minute Discovery Call

The best strategy session ever!

We can talk about where you see your business in one-year and l will help you with the necessary long-term and intermediate steps.

Your FREE Discovery is geared toward YOUR QUESTIONS and YOUR areas of concern.

Because I provide personalized service for every client, and I want to give you the most valuable information that I can in 30 minutes, it would be beneficial for you to let me know a bit more about you and your business and the questions you want answered, prior to the Discovery Call itself.

To personalize your Discovery Call, email me using "Discovery Call Profile" as the subject and list your primary questions and immediate concerns.

Include your biz niche and any other info. that will help set up your super-successful call.

This email contact will ensure you get the most "bang for your buck"--but remember - the call is FREE! During your Discovery Call, you will probably think of additional questions that also will be answered.

Your initial FREE Discovery Call might include the answers to questions about:

*Basic Bookkeeping Facilitation

*The Startup of your new business accounting records

*Bank Account Reconciliations*General Ledger Postings

*Payroll Record Keeping*Reporting to Government Agencies and more...

I am passionate about your success.

You have nothing to lose.

Both the email and the Discovery Call are FREE and you will benefit from knowing exactly what steps you need to follow to startup and grow your business.

Email me at to get started.

#40 FREE 30-Minute Discovery Call

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